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Apr 29 2009

Howard Rheingold on the Social Media Classroom

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(Crossposted from my Full Circle Blog) As part of CPSquare’s “Connected Futures” workshop exploring the use of web technologies in the service of communities of practice, we (John Smith and I!) asked Howard Rheingold to share a little bit about the Social Media Classroom (SMC) he developed as part of a MacArthur Foundation Award (A […]

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Apr 09 2009

Technology Stewardship and Unexpected Uses

Crossposted from my Full Circle Blog I was cruising through my blog reader, hopelessly “behind” in reading (my own construction – I know I can “mark all read!”) and came upon a post from Vic Desotelle who pointed to a TED talk on Compassion which somehow lead me to a Garr Reynolds post about a […]

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Apr 02 2009

Digital Habitats Community Orientation Spidergram Activity

Cross posted from Nancy’s Blog A couple of people have asked me for more materials related to the Community Orientations Spidergram activity. I have embedded them into some slides now up … Digital Habitats Community Orientation Spidergram Activity. Here is a hint I should have shared earlier. The “context” orientation is a bit odd on […]

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