Jul 05 2010

Putting our diagrams to work

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Our goal in writing Digital Habitats was to recognize and move forward the literacies that are involved in stewarding technology for communities.  We are happy when people put our ideas to work and appreciate it when people use our diagrams for that purpose.  If you write us requesting permission to use the diagrams in a copyrighted work, we are happy to give permission.  You may use them in informal ways, where you do not assert copyright, like a blog post without express permission, as long as you use them “as is”.  Here are the diagrams that have been requested most frequently.

Fig 1.1 Learning Activities - p 6


Fig 5.1 Tools Landscape - page 60

Orientations - page 152

Tool Polarities Map - page 162

Note that there are other resources to download under excerpts and diagrams specifically here.

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  2. The more I read on your blog, the more I wished I had found out about your book sooner. Interestingly enough, Bron, who hosted a Quest Atlantis Get-Together for our gaming course at Full Sail was just there talking with the staff about Communities of Practice. As I read further on her Twitter page, she is currently on her way to the ‘birthday party’ of Etienne Wenger. Talk about things coming full circle, and just how small of world it is!
    For my project, the research I was doing focused on successful teacher technology training programs. The keywords I used brought up UNESCO, who I did contact about their phase two to include winning training programs to no avail, plus some other programs. I just finished my 11th month of my coursework, and it wasn’t until then that my professor mentioned that my AR was a “community of practice” for technology. Thanks to Joe Bustillos of Full Sail for giving me the tip which led me to your website. I am in the final stage of my AR project and feel it is incomplete until I do more research here, using your information. Our middle chool will be in our 3rd year of our “technology stewardship.” It is so refreshing to actually have the correct terminology! I can’t wait to get the book in to read more about it. Thank you again!

    Christina Carboni

  3. Dear John,
    I would be honored to join you both in any capacity to share this experience. Your organization sounds so refreshing and proactive, exactly what our educational system needs. Please let me know what I can do to accomplish this, as it would be the culmination of my educational experience. Thank you again for your responses and your graciousness.

    Christina Carboni

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  5. […] Whether quantitative financial spreadsheets or qualitative stories, images and guides, create "reifications" of your value to inspire others to generate more […]

  6. […] example, below is one diagram they also posted on their blog which displays a variety of community activities.  The broadcast/one-way activities are  on the […]

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