Aug 10 2009

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etienne wengerEtienne Wenger (

Etienne Wenger is a global thought leader in the field of communities of practice and social learning systems. He is the author and co-author of seminal books on communities of practice, including Situated Learning, where the term was coined, Communities of Practice: learning, meaning, and identity, where he lays out a theory of learning based on the concept, and Cultivating Communities of Practice, addressed to practitioners in organizations who want to base their knowledge strategy on communities of practice. Etienne helps organizations in all sectors apply these ideas through consulting, public speaking, teaching, and research.

nancy whiteNancy White, Full Circle Associates (
Nancy brings over 25 years of communications, technology and leadership skills in her work supporting collaboration, learning and communications in the NGO, non profit and business sectors. Grounded in community leadership and recognized expertise in online communities and networks, Nancy works with people to leverage their strengths and assets towards tangible goals and meaningful process. Nancy’s blog and Twitter stream are regularly recognized as leading sources on online communities and networks, knowledge management and knowledge sharing. Nancy is a respected speaker and workshop leader. She is a chocoholic and lives with her family in Seattle, Washington, USA.

John David Smith, Learning Alliances (
John Smith brings over 25 years of experience to bear on the technology and learning problems faced by communities, their leaders and their sponsors.  He coaches and consults on issues ranging from event design and community facilitation, to community design and evaluation, and technology selection and configuration.  He has been focused on communities of practice for the past 10 years and is the community steward for CPsquare, the international community of practice on communities of practice.  He is a regular workshop leader in CPsquare and elsewhere.  He grew up in Humacao, Puerto Rico and now lives in Portland, Oregon.

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