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Mar 28 2016

Technology Stewardship for Portland Data Scientists

Here are the topics that Portland R Users say they are interested in: I’m interested in those topics, too.  And the several other data science MeetUps have similar topic profiles.  But when people ask to join the Portland Data Science MeetUp, for example, they say they are seeking things like: Networking. Meet people with similar interests. […]

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Feb 06 2016

Technology Stewardship: App Integration Testing

Cross-posted from Nancy’s Blog. I can never fully leave behind my passion for Technology Stewardship that came out of co-writing Digital Habitats. It showed up again this week… and the power of thinking out loud together… I decided to try and capture what I learned. Sorry, it is a bit long… One of the things […]

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Dec 30 2011

Editable version of Chapter 10 – Action Notebook

We wrote Chapter 10 of Digital Habitats as a combination summary of the whole book and as a workbook that organizes the content in a roughly chronological / process order (instead of the logical, expository order we use in the book itself).  We imagined that people would copy pages of the book and write their […]

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May 10 2011

Curating our personal technology configurations

(Cross posted on FullCirc and NWWCoP, plus a Russian translation here.) A conversation emerging in the Network Weaving Community of Practice (NWWCoP) focuses on this question: how can/do we use social media for intentionally weaving our networks? As we prepare for a synchronous conversation today, I realized I can frame this question from a technology […]

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Jul 06 2010

Tech steward meet tech mentor

(Cross-posted from my Learning Alliances blog.) Recently I finished a remarkably useful book: Mizuko Ito, et al. Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out: Kids Living and Learning With New Media (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2009). It has some common ancestry with ours, since the first authors of both Hanging Out and Digital Habitats were […]

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Jun 18 2010

A textbook case

(Cross-posted from my Learning Alliances blog.) From my perspective we wrote Digital Habitats as a call to action (and reflection) more than anything else. So it’s a bit ironic to see it used as a textbook, at least for me, being so skeptical about exactly what kind of learning is going on in schools. But […]

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Jun 08 2010

Technology Stewardship in Action

Joyce Seitzinger (aka @catspyjamasnz) created an amazing piece of reified technolgy stewardship knowledge with her Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers – Cat’s Pyjamas . Joyce has matched activities a teacher might want to support with the various tools and features of Moodle. Pretty darn impressive. What I love is the emphasis on the ACTIVITIES, rather […]

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May 21 2010

Digital Habitats for project teams

(This post is cross-posted from my blog at Learning Alliances.) Kathy Milhauser mentioned that she assigned Digital Habitats to students in a course on globally distributed project teams. That got me thinking about the difference between a project team and a community as far as their digital habitat is concerned. Of course there are many […]

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Apr 02 2010

Yi-Tan call on Monday, April 5

If you’ve never participated in one of Jerry Michalski’s Yi-Tan phone calls, you are in for a tweet.  Join Jerry, Etienne, Nancy and John on Monday April 5 at 10:30 am, to discuss: How has technology changed what it means for communities to “be together”? What is the role of a technology steward? the key […]

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Mar 14 2010

Skype as a community platform

(This is cross-posted from my blog on Learning Alliances.) You probably already know that Skype is a great tool – especially for community leaders. If you are a technology steward, it’s not only a great tool but it’s also a handy example for illustrating some of the use and integration issues that we have to […]

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