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Feb 17 2009

Community Orientations Podcast with Shawn Callahan

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Our friend Shawn Callahan has been following the work on the book – for years! He has been privy to various drafts and has recently been using the Community Orientations in his work with communities. Recently he realized he wasn’t so clear on orientations 7, 8 and 9 so this past weekend we hooked up […]

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Feb 03 2009

Ward Cunningham interviews John Smith

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Ward Cunningham just recently set up his own channel on YouTube and has edited a conversation we had last Fall. His philosophy for conducting interviews is simple and effective: make guests feel comfortable and ask them questions that make them look good. He did a great job making me feel comfortable. We start by talking […]

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Feb 02 2009

Digital Habitats Readers Guide

As we wend our way down the path to final publication of the book, friends have asked us to share some of the bits and pieces that we have been using in our work and workshops. One of those is the Reader’s Guide and Action Notebook. This is now chapter 10 in the book and […]

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