Feb 02 2009

Digital Habitats Readers Guide

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Readers Toolkit - cc Flickr image from  wenxinAs we wend our way down the path to final publication of the book, friends have asked us to share some of the bits and pieces that we have been using in our work and workshops. One of those is the Reader’s Guide and Action Notebook. This is now chapter 10 in the book and it provides a set of checklists to guide a technology stewards through some of the central tasks of community technology stewardship. We are making the document available here on the website both as a contribution to tech stewards everywhere, and to make it easy for book readers to download a copy to work on without writing all over their books. I like to write in my books, but I know not everyone does. 

If you use the Notebook, leave a note here with how it does or does not work for you.  We realize some of the material may not make sense without the context of the book.  But we also know it can always be improved. So your comment may contribute towards future iterations!


Flickr CC Image Credit:  wenxin

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