Aug 04 2011

Index to the vignettes

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The little stories or vignettes that appear in text boxes throughout the book did not make it onto any list or the index. Here is the title and page number for each one of the 40 vignettes.

Chapter 1 Page
  MPD-SUPPORT-L: email list or community of practice? 5
Chapter 2
  Responding to community inventiveness 20
Chapter 3
  Stepping into the role 24
  From curious explorer to thought leader 29
  Technology stewardship for a constellation of communities 32
Chapter 4
  Compromises for the community as a whole 44
  The evolution of a configuration 46
  Tools can create gaps between members 47
  Busy people want it all in one place 50
  Many websites that work “as one” 51
  Integration as a community practice 53
Chapter 5
  Shifting for inclusion and flexibility 56
  Unexpected use of technology through everyday inventiveness 61
  Using tools that were not designed for communities 62
  Coding the “glue” 63
  Tools offering new possibilities 65
  Feeling like we are together 66
Chapter 6
  Artifacts or conversations? 70
  From weekly broadcasts and conversations to a sense of community 73
  Open-ended conversation grows beyond a single stream 76
  Beyond conversations to projects 79
  Building a library by tagging 81
  Just-in-time expertise 84
  Beer offline and online 87
  Accommodating participation styles 89
  Careful cultivation as key success factor for online community 94
  Oreintation to an organizational context embedded in technology 97
Chapter 8
  Bringing it under one roof 122
  Software and community development combined 124
  Mashup for a community map 127
Chapter 9
  Stewarding prompted by community needs 135
  Carrying key artifacts forward 138
  Learning to use a new tool 139
  One question uncovers many practices 140
  Tech stewards look over each others’ shoulders 141
  Experimenting as the heart of a community 142
  Darned if you do, darned if you don’t 143
  A cautionary tale 144
Chapter 11
  Venturing into new community geographies 179
Chapter 12
  The NPtech community: What is in a Tag? 192

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  1. […] One change that the electronic format will require is that the 40 illustrative stories or vignettes that are shown in the book as floating text boxes won’t float on a page but will show up between paragraphs.  In this case, having to deal with that little detail means that we made a list of all of them.   For some reason such a list was never part of the book the vignettes were not included in the index! Now here’s a list of them. […]

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