Jan 12 2008

Project history

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The gang of threeDigital Habitats began as “The Technologies for Communities” report  in February 2004. The idea was updataing Etienne Wenger’s Technology report that was widely circulated and used.   That report was based on a 2000 report commissioned by the  US Federal Goverment’ Council of CIOs.

In January 2005 CEFRIO published some of our thinking in a book chapter, “Guide de mise en place et d’animation de communaut’s de pratique intentionnelles.”  The English version is published here.

As the work was shared publicly, we began to dig deeper into our original ideas. Soon a report on technologies had transformed itself into a much longer book about the practice of stewarding technology for communities of practice. Thus “Digital Habitats” was born.

It took a long time. In between our work, stealing time from our families and friends, we wove together our stories, knowledge and experience into the book.

This blog  is our “public” face of our work on the book and conversations about it once it is (finally!) published. We hope to both share our thinking and hear your ideas and comments.

Etienne, Nancy and John

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  1. […] Remarkably, even though written at the turn of the millennium (albeit pre-Web 2.0) it does not relate to online social networks or virtual communities. Luckily Wenger’s attention has since turned to online social systems and together with Nancy White and a few others is about to launch ‘Digital Habitats‘. […]

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