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Jun 19 2010

InkWell.Vue Digital Habitat Conversations

Starting June 23rd for a couple of weeks, the three of us will be part of a discussion about Digital Habitats on The Well’s Inkwell.Vue conference. Inkwell is a cool, public facing bit of the well (the rest is paid membership) that gives folks a chance to have an asynchronous conversation with book authors from […]

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Jun 18 2010

A textbook case

(Cross-posted from my Learning Alliances blog.) From my perspective we wrote Digital Habitats as a call to action (and reflection) more than anything else. So it’s a bit ironic to see it used as a textbook, at least for me, being so skeptical about exactly what kind of learning is going on in schools. But […]

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Apr 09 2010

Bumping into friends

(Cross-posted from the CPsquare blog…) One of the great things about the sustained connections we make through CPsquare is that when you bump into people in other settings there’s such a strong connection. There are common interests, common vocabulary, and an extraordinary willingness to share insights. Last week during the Yi-Tan Tech Call 274: on […]

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Mar 08 2010

Talking with strangers

The surprise that you want to have when your book is published is to move a conversation forward and to pick up on the conversation with new people.  At least that’s what I think now, after Digital Habitats has been out for a while. One of my big hopes is to see people actually put […]

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Jan 13 2010

Brief comments on two recent reviews of Digital Habitat

Roy Christopher on Culture, Computers, and Communities: Two Recent Books Thanks, Roy. I think your point about nature and technology is exactly the point we were trying to make about community and technology: the two are becoming so intertwined that they constitute each other in deep ways. . Alice MacGillivray (2009). Book review of Digital […]

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