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Mar 08 2010

Talking with strangers

The surprise that you want to have when your book is published is to move a conversation forward and to pick up on the conversation with new people.  At least that’s what I think now, after Digital Habitats has been out for a while. One of my big hopes is to see people actually put […]

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Feb 18 2010

SIKM community presentation

February 16, 2010 Theme: Rethinking Ourselves (KM People)  as Technology Stewards The agenda: What brought Etienne, John and Nancy to the conversation about technology stewardship A little bit about our respective practices Just in case Images: A slide deck with: A definition of technology stewardship Orientations Polarities Open up the conversation Resources: Book site: […]

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Feb 16 2010

Digital Habitats and SIKM – February 16th

Today Etienne, John and I will be guests on Stan Garfield’s terrific monthly telecon for knowledge management professionals, SIKM. Our focus is on knowledge management folks as technology stewards. We are going to “interview” each other to save from falling into talking AT instead of talking WITH, but we have a few slides with definitions […]

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Jan 21 2010

Tagging and face-to-face events

Face-to-face conferences aren’t what they used to be and that’s ok with me. How many times have you gone to a face-to-face conference in another city where you rub shoulders with a lot of strangers, listen to a bunch of talking heads with obscure PowerPoint slides in cold dark rooms, make a few acquaintances at […]

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Jan 06 2010

More Reflections on SharePoint and Picking Technology

(Cross posted from Nancy’s Full Circle Blog) Yesterday I woke up and checked my email. It was clear that the email lull of the holidays was over. I was taken by a post on one of my core community lists, KM4Dev, from one of my colleagues. You can see the full thread here: Dear colleagues […]

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Oct 14 2009

Technologies for a farming community in Africa

Last week at the KM4Dev conference in Brussels, I struck up a conversation with Joseph Sikeku, who talked about community leadership and technology stewardship in a radically different setting: a radio station in Tanzania. Sikeku’s project uses an interesting mix of technologies: 5,000 Watt FADECO radio station Small blue “sensor” or integrated circuit audio recorder […]

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Sep 24 2009

Tech Stewards as ethnographers

Last May’s CHIFOO presentation was a great talk about reading by Cathy Marshall. Here are Marshall’s slides from which I’ve borrowed some images to talk about her work in this post. Marshall read (out loud, from the slide on the screen) that: “Nothing is more commonplace than the experience of reading, and yet nothing is […]

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