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Feb 06 2016

Technology Stewardship: App Integration Testing

Cross-posted from Nancy’s Blog. I can never fully leave behind my passion for Technology Stewardship that came out of co-writing Digital Habitats. It showed up again this week… and the power of thinking out loud together… I decided to try and capture what I learned. Sorry, it is a bit long… One of the things […]

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Jun 08 2010

Cantilever out from the known

Cross posted from my personal blog at Several people from the Fall 2009 Foundations of Communities of Practice workshop have continued meeting every few months to catch up with each other, find out what people are working on, and swap stories. In a way it’s a CPsquare dream that people should connect so much […]

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Jan 21 2010

Tagging and face-to-face events

Face-to-face conferences aren’t what they used to be and that’s ok with me. How many times have you gone to a face-to-face conference in another city where you rub shoulders with a lot of strangers, listen to a bunch of talking heads with obscure PowerPoint slides in cold dark rooms, make a few acquaintances at […]

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Jan 06 2010

More Reflections on SharePoint and Picking Technology

(Cross posted from Nancy’s Full Circle Blog) Yesterday I woke up and checked my email. It was clear that the email lull of the holidays was over. I was taken by a post on one of my core community lists, KM4Dev, from one of my colleagues. You can see the full thread here: Dear colleagues […]

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Nov 30 2009

Community Technology Spidergram Evolves Again

It is so lovely having a fabulous network – including people I just barely know, but who then hook in with a moment of insight, a remix or ready to augment a forming idea or practice. Gabriele Sani from World Vision in Italy has recently done this with the Community Orientations Spidergram from our Digital […]

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Aug 28 2009

Making webinar software more open

I’ve always found webinar software like WebEx, Elluminate, or GoToMeeting to be constraining and, because they try to be a “total solution” they don’t play well with other uses or software. Because they’re popular they’re used in situations where they’re inappropriate. The Digital Habitats wiki, for example, doesn’t go into enough detail about their uses […]

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Aug 12 2009

Personal tech configuration as steward’s springboard

(Crossposted from Nancy’s blog) Recently I wrote a post on my blog that received a lot of attention – more than I would have expected: How I use social media. At the end of the post, I promised to write about WHAT social media I currently use. I  think of the constellation of tools a […]

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Apr 09 2009

Technology Stewardship and Unexpected Uses

Crossposted from my Full Circle Blog I was cruising through my blog reader, hopelessly “behind” in reading (my own construction – I know I can “mark all read!”) and came upon a post from Vic Desotelle who pointed to a TED talk on Compassion which somehow lead me to a Garr Reynolds post about a […]

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