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Jun 25 2009

Pumping our own gas (as fast as we can)

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For a couple of years it wasn’t “a book” but just “an update”. After our ideas started getting more interesting and more useful, I took to taunting my co-conspirators Etienne Wenger and Nancy White that what is now Digital Habitats “is actually a book.” Later, when we all admitted that it was indeed a book, […]

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Apr 29 2009

Howard Rheingold on the Social Media Classroom

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(Crossposted from my Full Circle Blog) As part of CPSquare’s “Connected Futures” workshop exploring the use of web technologies in the service of communities of practice, we (John Smith and I!) asked Howard Rheingold to share a little bit about the Social Media Classroom (SMC) he developed as part of a MacArthur Foundation Award (A […]

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Mar 28 2009

Red-Tails in Love: Birdwatchers as a community of practice

(Crossposted from my Full Circle blog) My friend Sue Wolff generously lent me two books recently. The first, Marie Winn’s “Red-Tails in Love” captured my heart and mind. It is the story of a community of birdwatchers in Central Park in New York City and how they observed, loved and obsessed over a family of […]

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